Community Development Program

We offer a year-long program for students of grade 9, studying at various underprivileged schools. The program starts off with a 1-week workshop, involving games and activities that create a fun and learning experience, and are designed in a way that sharpens their thinking and communication skills – all the while, building on their confidence which helps them express their acquired skills in a more pronounced way and helps them be more cognizant of their social responsibility and academic aspirations.

The students are also given a chance to write and speak about their small community issues and prepare a practical solution for those issues. Our job, after careful deliberation, also involves funding and supporting these proposed solutions. We also have monthly follow-up sessions with the students in which we measure the progress of each and every student and answer their queries.

Through this program we want to inculcate empathy, social responsibility, work ethics, proactive behavior and rational decision-making in our future generation, and motivate them to perform well both academically and socially. We are willing to put in the hard work so that we can make Pakistan a better nation, where people live a successful and harmonious life, and are conditioned to have a sense of responsibility towards other people and their society.

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