Following is the list of our programs. Our experts have designed each of these programs keeping in mind the different needs of different set of potential participants in order to achieve the mission and realize the vision of Uraan - The Tutelage Drive. Feel free to contact us for more information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0300 559 6671

A college student makes a lot of important decisions, which become the bases of the life he/she will lead ahead. The dilemma is that our middle class students don’t get proper guidance about what opportunities are available to them. Every child has a different aptitude and they need to identify what they actually want to do in life.

We provide, first of its kind in Pakistan, a complete tech based career prep program with advanced associated services, accessible online, providing all the information under one roof.

The tool gives you analysis of various professions, and let you plan your each step toward it. The program includes aptitude assessment tool, mentoring on personality development, interview preparation and expert advisory. All these services are offered as separate products as well as a combo deal, under our year long Uraan Career Prep Fellowship.

This program is a necessity, especially for people in smaller cities. We are increasing the probability for a person to choose the right career; we are helping him make informed decision and plan his path towards success. We are making people employable. Especially in a society like Pakistan, where an entire family is dependent on one earning hand, we are not only providing him an opportunity to lead a successful life, but also helping the associated lives.

We offer a year-long program for students of grade 9, studying at various underprivileged schools. The program starts off with a 1-week workshop, involving games and activities that create a fun and learning experience, and are designed in a way that sharpens their thinking and communication skills – all the while, building on their confidence which helps them express their acquired skills in a more pronounced way and helps them be more cognizant of their social responsibility and academic aspirations.

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