Founder's Message

URAAN – The Tutelage Drive is a foundation that supports and promotes the school of thought that every human being is blessed with a natural talent and possesses an equal right over a set of opportunities to perform in life, but the dynamics of changing societal perspectives has caused limited access to these set of opportunities for underprivileged people.

At URAAN, our goal is to take fellows from underprivileged schools and, through a year-long journey, inculcate in them values and skills to further bolster and enhance their creative abilities. We share this vision that upon completion of fellowship, we will provide our alumni with academic counseling, and also, create ample opportunities for them to get good education and lead a successful life.

The team of URAAN is a brilliant combination of multitalented people, who share a moral value of giving back to the community and creating a better future for this country.
We have put our heart and soul into this project and hope to improve the lives of all the underprivileged people around us and hope to work conscientiously towards making this community a better place.

I love seeing the fierce determination and passion in the eyes of my students. The will to do something, to achieve something. This is something that spurs me on, gives me hope, and bolsters my belief in the current generation and posterity. This is what keeps me motivated and hopeful. These are the reasons that gave birth to URAAN; the reason behind this initiative, and for this to go on and be successful, we need all the help we can get to keep growing and keep serving our society and make it a better place.

Founder and Managing Director
Muhammad Shahroze Rehman

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The Tutelage Drive,
190 Eden Avenue, Airport Road,
Lahore, Cantt, (54000)